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Traditional Crafts

Indian Traditional crafts are widely known throughout the world for its grandeur, vast cultural tradition and ethnic diversity. These traditional crafts include works on Pottery, Terracotta, Paintings, Woodwork, Hand looms, Embroidery, Beadwork and Jewelry which are made from natural sources and environment-friendly material such as Clay, Plants, Trees etc. Traditional crafts are not just used for luxurious display articles, but are also considered for daily usage like Hats, Wallets / Purses, Bags, Chairs, Cushions, Sofas, etc.

Unlike the western countries, where Crafts are considered to be a luxury, the traditional Indian Crafts are considered as main source of employment for the people. The production of these articles has evolved over Centuries with the advent of technology, modern tools and techniques. Yet, their originality remains the same even to this day.

With its diverse nature, any particular Indian traditional craft is famous for its specific design, color, material, shape, and pattern.

Tanjore painting, well known for its rich heritage, hails from the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. Many a kings in the 16th to 18th centuries have patronized this art for its deep rooted tradition.

Chettinad crafts are famous for Wood carving, Kandangi sarees, Palm leaf baskets (Kottans), Athangudi Baskets, Hand-made Tiles, Egg plastering, Eilver embellishments and Gold Jewelry. Wood carvings of Chettinad are well-known for its exquisite and intricate carvings on doorways and other precisely carved Sculptures, Statuettes and Artifacts. The Athangudi tiles are handmade in myriad colors and patterns.