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Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore Painting is a miniature art painting followed widely by the people in Southern Tamil Nadu, particularly in the region of Thanjavur. This art was enriched by the then Rajas of Tanjore and Tiruchirappalli and Naidus’ of Madurai.

Tanjore paintings mostly depict the form of Gods and Goddesses. The uniqueness of this style of art is the round and divine faces and figures of the depicted images. Now, the style of the Tanjore painting has much evolved, however keeping the technique as the same. This art is more deep rooted in the tradition of the Chettinad people.

Apart from the rich color, surface richness, and compact composition, adornment with rich semiprecious stones, glass pieces and gold makes the Tanjore painting stand apart. It is painted on wood and cloth made canvass and the adornment is made with high quality 22-carat gold foil. Tanjore paintings come in three finishes that include Classic, Embossed and Unique, with each one different from the other. Artistic frame further enriches the beauty of the painting, while also protecting the craft from any damage.

Tanjore paintings come in different sizes from a small 6-inch square to a complete wall size. Besides being promoted as a devotional piece of Art, Tanjore paintings are also well-known to decorate the walls of any homes and corporate offices.